Come travel with us to Africa.

Welcome to our blog, come travel with us.

On these pages we hope to share our love for travel in Africa with you. Being seasoned travellers ourselves, we not only enjoy the destinations we will share with you over the next few months, but also all the attractions these destinations have to offer. We will share with you our special heart places, the places that only require you to pause, observe a beautiful sight and take a picture. Places that will change you forever.

Much like your own family or friends who look forward to your visits, the team at Safari Odyssey will become your bespoke travel partners, looking forward to each visit. We are an experienced team of owner managers who not only create and manage tours to all corners of the globe, but we travel ourselves (truth be known, we could pack our 4×4 at the drop of a hat on a Friday afternoon and head off to our favourite places).

From the moment that you pass through customs at the airport for instance, there will be someone to greet you with a smile and a driver to ensure you arrive at your destination in comfort. When you walk into your river view suite at the lodge, you will smile as we have taken note of all your requests. When you have dinner under the stars that evening you will be served only the best Africa has to offer when it comes to culinary experiences.

See we surround ourselves with only the best travel business vendors and partners. Folks who are as passionate about Africa, as we are.  Expert Guides and Rangers at each destination will passionately share their wonderful wealth of knowledge, researched and experienced over a long period of time in the bush. No matter what your interests are, be it Fauna and Flora, Animals, Sensitive ecosystems or Conservation Projects, we will find the right Guide and Ranger for your trip at each destination.All our partners are as committed to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment as we are. We all realise the delicate balance that is required to conserve our beautiful planet and our environment for years to come, so that your children and those close to you may one day experience it.

If you are more adventurous and decide to drive yourselves across our beautiful continent in the most epic road trips of a lifetime, then you have chosen the right travel partners in Safari Odyssey. With our extensive love for road trips comes the knowledge of how to manage the possible frustrations associated with these journeys, such as customs clearances, border control and how to avoid your trip turning into the Safari never to be spoken of again. All you need to do is sign up for the adventure of a life time, we will take care of the rest.

And for us the rest includes all air travel reservations and bookings – including flights, lodges and car rentals. Arranging Travel Insurance and Visa applications, as well as all tours and leisure activities you would like to take part in. We also offer after-hours emergency travel assistance no matter where you are.

So like you friends and family whom you feel at home with, we are the same…we are just based on the most beautiful continent, Africa. Come travel with us to Africa.


Please note: all visuals credited to the various Instagram Accounts we follow, for more information please visit our Instagram Page in the link provided.


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